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Get the Look: How to Emulate Zendaya's Stunning Red-Carpet Style

On March 9, 2024, Zendaya radiated beauty and futuristic power at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, captivating everyone with her presence. Styled by the renowned Luxury Law, she exuded grace and sophistication, setting a new standard in fashion. I am thrilled to offer pieces that allow you to recreate this iconic look, blending luxury with affordability seamlessly. From exquisite dresses to chic accessories, each item is curated to empower you to make this style your own, embodying the essence of Zendaya's timeless allure.

Brand Grapent: Denim Jeans

 Brand Retrofete Corset Top

 Brand Retrofete Women's Valery Top

 (Affordable Corset) Brand: HXSZWJJ


Brand N//A Pumps


Lifflyladys choker


Black butterfly stretchy chain Belt


Rhinestone diamond belt


Silver layered chain Belt.


JW PEI Silver handbag


JW PEI Silver Handbag




Genshuo White pump


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